January through March Group Classes 

Small classes of 5 -7 students per class. Register by selecting culinary class of your choice on the class calendar below.
If you can't find the class you are looking for, we can create your own private class with a customized menu and flexible scheduling. 

 Spanish Tapas Night 

In this class, students will learn the history of tapas using traditional ingredients and spices from southern Spain. Students will learn a bit of Spanish culinary kitchen terminology as well as food preparation and cooking techniques.

Cost: $85 per person/ 1 class 

Class Schedule: 

Jan 19th; 6 - 8:30 pm.

Feb 9th; 6 - 8:30 pm.

March 11th; 6 - 8:30 pm.

*This event may include Spanish background music provided by DJ Ole


Valentine's French Cooking Class 

Make your Valentine memorable and delicious. Learn a new skill and have fun with your significant other while preparing an unforgettable classic French dinner using fresh and organic ingredients. The perfect night for you and your plus 1, a Valentine experience unlike any other!

​What to Expect:
Enjoy a romantic night out
Meet and connect with fellow foodies
Learn new culinary tips and tricks
Music Provided by DJ Ole Caribbean

Cost: $95 per person

Feb 14th; 6-9pm (Valentine's edition)

Hire your own Chef!

Schedule a customized and cultural private cooking class in-person or online at your most convenient time.

Available Menus:

Power Breakfast and Natural Juices

Mediterranean Cuisine

Italian Cuisine

Flavors of France

Peruvian Cuisine

Southern Spain Tapas

International Sauces

Latin Vegetarian Gastronomy

For more information click here or contact us at:  info@journeyculinary.com 

Peruvian Cuisine 

Enjoy making delicious dishes from one of the best culinary destinations in the world - Peru. The lesson includes the cooking lesson, brief Spanish lesson, and cultural information about Peruvian traditions.

We will cook using fresh and organic Andean Peruvian ingredients.

Cost: $85 per person/ 1 class

Class Schedule:

Jan 28; 6:00-9:00 pm

Feb 25; 6:00-9:30 pm

March 9; 6:00-9:30 pm

*This event includes music provided by DJ Ole


International Classic Sauces

In this cookery class, your Chef will lead you through the preparation of a number of classic variations and sauces from Italy, France, Perú and Argentina. You will learn to create an essential range of sauces (including one mother sauce) to compliment a wide variety of dishes including salmon, steak, pasta and vegetables. Easy and quick to make. 

Cost: $89 per person

March 30th, 6-9pm



Available in private cooking classes.

For more information on private classes  click here

Register by selecting the appropriate culinary class on the class calendar below.

Class Schedule & Registration

Payment agreement: If you notify us at least 2 weeks prior to your booked class, then we can issue a class credit to be applied to another class of your choice. There are no refunds with less than 2 weeks notice. If you are unable to attend a class that you have booked, you may transfer your spot to someone else. Simply notify us about the situation at least with 2 days before your class starts, and provide us with the name of the person who will be taking your place.