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Schedule your own private Cooking Class! 

Oriented to couples, families, or a group of friends, this is an easy and fun way to learn the preparation of savory international dishes and new cooking techniques. Plan a super fun night with friends, work colleagues or your significant other. We offer flexible scheduling.


Menus available:

  • Power Breakfast and Natural Juices

  • Mediterranean Cuisine

  • Middle Eastern/ Persian 

  • Italian Cuisine

  • Flavors of France

  • Peruvian Cuisine

  • Southern Spanish Tapas

  • Swiss-French Fusion

  • International Sauces

  • Macarons

  • Latin Vegetarian Gastronomy


Cooking Private Classes Cost:

  • $2750 (Party of 2 )

  • $360 (Party of 3 )

  • $420 (party of 4 )

  • $495 (Party of 5 or more $99 per person)


To set up your private cooking class please contact us at 303-827- 5965 or email


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