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The Journey Team

We carefully select our cooking instructors based on their experience, passion for food, and culinary credentials. 


Jay Minaya

Executive Head Chef

Jay is the Director and Executive Chef of Journey Culinary Ltd. Jay is a knowledgeable cooking instructor and an experienced connoisseur of some of the best cuisines in the world. Jay studied Fundamentals of the Art of Cooking at the Auguste Escoffier International Academy in Boulder, CO.  

Jay has a strong passion for the way in which food brings family, friends, and strangers together. He specializes in healthy Mediterranean, Spanish, Peruvian & French cuisines. Jay is the author of "A Journey of Flavors" recipe book. This book is intended to be used as a practical guide for those who wish to broaden their culinary repertoire. You will find new alternatives for internationally renowned dishes and appetizers from Perú and Spain.

Deborah Dupuis

Master Chef de Cuisine

Deborah Dupuis has taught her whole life. Her initial interest in food came from her interest in the environment and the people she met while traveling. Deborah attended the Culinary Institute of America, CIA, and graduated with an Associate’s
Degree. She immediately went to work in restaurants and bake shops beginning in Atlantic City, New Jersey. There she worked shifts around the clock where she learned to make breads, pies,
cookies and fine desserts. A year later, she moved to Hawaii and spent 5 years baking in the resorts off the Kohala Coast.
She has had her own wholesale businesses in which she delivered products to Boulder area coffee shops and restaurants. In 2014 she spent the summer as the chef of Kachemak Bay Wilderness Lodge, Alaska. There she prepared meals using the freshest seafood imaginable. When the tide was out, she picked mussels for the guests. Fresh blue and raspberry bushes surrounded the lodge and were a continual source of delight for her to put into desserts and breakfast items.
Deborah has been a culinary instructor at Sur la Table since 2009 where she specialized in teaching French pastry classes, Italian dishes, Thai and French Cuisines. She likes to forage in her free time, hike and ski.. 



Maria Diedrichs Lopez

Swiss-French Cuisine Chef

Maria is a home trained chef with extensive hospitality experience including restaurant cooking, catering & hosting private cooking group classes in her home. 
“My passion to be a chef started early in life when I watched my father create and improvise gourmet meals every night. I was blessed to be raised in a multinational and multicultural environment, Geneva, one of the world’s foremost capitals for culinary arts. Surrounded by France, the small city feels the influence of French flavors and ingredients. A variety of dishes including all sorts of cheeses, wines, organic vegetables, and meats often accompanied by wine-based broths and sauces can lead your senses to heaven. As a child, I was introduced to the best cheeses, chocolates, milk, and everything fresh. My mom, being a schoolteacher, had loads of work to do in the evenings so my father, the artist of the family, cooked up a storm every single evening. It was his way of relaxing and winding down after work. Also, my friends being from the four corners of the world, I got to taste lots of different flavors, African and Middle Eastern becoming some of my very favorites.”
The chef that Maria looks up to is Jacques Pépin. His humble beginnings and creativity along with his dexterity and knife skills have greatly inspired her. Come and enjoy her cooking classes. Her fun and uniquely eccentric personality will make for an even more interesting experience! 
Santé and bon appétit les amis

Bahar Ghodousi

Persian/Middle Eastern/Mediterranean Cuisine

Cooking Instructor

Bahar is a self-taught cook. She has been cooking for the past 22 years, working on perfecting her culinary skills.
Bahar's passion and dedication have led her to becoming talented at the art of cooking and baking.
Coming from Persian culture, everything always evolved around food and family. From an early age
Bahar was involved in the kitchen, mainly preparing Persian dishes. She knew that she loved cooking and
creating new recipes and has always enjoyed cooking for her family and friends.
Bahar enjoys meeting new people and sharing her culture with others. Her classes are lively and unique,
where she shares her love of many Persian and Mediterranean dishes.

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