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The Journey Team

We carefully select our cooking instructors based on their experience, passion for food  teaching and culinary credentials. 


Jay Minaya

Executive Head Chef

Jay is the Director and Executive Chef of Journey Culinary Ltd. Jay is a knowledgeable cooking instructor and an experienced connoisseur of some of the best cuisines in the world. Jay studied Fundamentals of the Art of Cooking at the Auguste Escoffier International Academy in Boulder, CO.  

Jay has a strong passion for the way in which food brings family, friends, and strangers together. He specializes in healthy Mediterranean, Spanish, Peruvian & French cuisines. Jay is the author of "A Journey of Flavors" recipe book. 

Morgan Nelson

Master Chef de Cuisine

Morgan  started working in restaurants at age 16.  It was there where he met his cook mentor, an Italian rooted chef who opened an outstanding café . His restaurant is the huge reason why Morgan is  a cook today.  The people he met in this environment,  the culture of the kitchen, the language of the restaurant, the flavors of the food, the quick pace and wild hours, all of it hooked him in the cooking world. Morgan enrolled in Augusta Escoffier School of Culinary Arts in Boulder to take his career to the next level. Here, Morgan learned from prestigious Chefs that have traveled, worked, and lived in different countries all over the world.  places such as Japan, Denmark, France, Peru, Mexico, Scotland, Italy, and Spain.  While being in school Morgan fell in love with knives, and bread. 



 Monique Gaspard

Southern Creole and Cajun Cuisine Chef

Chef Monique Gaspard born on the outskirts of New Orleans, Louisiana.

As a child Monique spent much time In Destrehan, Louisiana with her pawpaw and mawmaw who made their living off Louisiana's natural resources as local farmers, hunters, and running their shrimp boat through the bayous. 

      Monique spent her late teen years and early 20's living in the New Orleans French Quarter soaking up all the history and culture the city had to offer. 

      In 2011 Monique left Louisiana in hope to turn her love of food and the service industry into a career. She attended Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts. In the years to follow Monique worked hand in hand with many chefs soaking up all the knowledge she possibly could. Within time and hard work Monique worked her way to executive chef heading a restaurant in Gunbarrel, Colorado. Her true passion besides food is instructing Acrylic art classes and running her own Art company MoJo Creations. Within recent years Monique has taken her passion for teaching and leading others along with her passion for cooking and decided to further her culinary career as a chef instructor helping others learn the magic of cajun and creole cuisine. 

Bahar Ghodousi

Persian/Middle Eastern/Mediterranean Cuisine

Cooking Instructor

Bahar is a self-taught cook. She has been cooking for the past 22 years, working on perfecting her culinary skills.
Bahar's passion and dedication have led her to becoming talented at the art of cooking and baking.
Coming from Persian culture, everything always evolved around food and family. From an early age
Bahar was involved in the kitchen, mainly preparing Persian dishes. She knew that she loved cooking and
creating new recipes and has always enjoyed cooking for her family and friends.
Bahar enjoys meeting new people and sharing her culture with others. Her classes are lively and unique,
where she shares her love of many Persian and Mediterranean dishes.

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