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Cooking Ingredients

Basics & Fundamentals Course

  • Start cooking with more confidence

  • Learn new cooking techniques & methods

  • 70% of your time in this program will be spent cooking

  • Great intro to some of the best world's cuisines: Spanish, Mediterranean and Peruvian

  • Master a few prestigious recipes

  • 2 classes of 3 hours each

2, three-hour cooking course 

Class Time:  11:00 am to 2:00 pm.

2024 Summer Course: June 8th & 9th.

2024 Fall Course: Nov 2nd & 3rd.

Cost: $355 per person

Price includes tuition, class materials and meals.

Minimum 3 students / maximum 7


Knife Skills

 participants will learn how to perform key skills, such as chopping an onion, mincing garlic, dicing vegetables, learning most important cuts, chop herbs, with the goals of increasing your speed and becoming more efficient in the kitchen.

Basic Sauté Cooking Technique

Learn to work with temperatures when cooking proteins and vegetables. Cooking demo included 


The Art of Egg Cooking

Participants will learn different techniques to cook an egg and the  elaboration of one egg classic dish.  Cooking demo included.


 Sauté A Guide to Sautéing: How to Master the Sauté Cooking Technique


 Intro to an International Prestige Cuisine Student will learn to prepare classic renowned dishes from either Peruvian ,French, Persian or Spanish Cuisine. Includes the preparation of one international classic dish with one or two entrees.

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Take this course in one on one private lessons

If you prefer, you can enroll in this course and receive your lessons in 2, one on one  private sessions. That will give you the option to create your own class schedule. The cost is $425.

After signing up please contact us at to set up your private cooking lessons.  

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