Christmas Dinner Table
Peruvian Christmas Dinner Nights
Cooking Classes


2 classes on December 12th & 18th at 6:00 PM.

   706 Kimbark St. Longmont, CO 80501




Peruvian Roasted Asado. “Asado” is a classic and homey dish that is eaten in Peru on very special occasions such as Christmas, birthdays or at weddings. Asado is a seared and roasted eye of round meat flavored in beef broth, red wine and ají panca. This dish is accompanied by quinoa, couscous or mashed potatoes, smoked serrano ham rolls with caramelized mushrooms, chives, and steamed asparagus.


Andes Relleno. Made with sauté honey raspberries, oranges and apples. Stir fried onions, ají Amarillo and cherry tomatoes and seasoned with Peruvian herbs. 


Chocolate Caliente & Panettone


  • This event will be hosted by 2 experienced cooks: Jay Minaya & Martha Espiritu

  • Music in the background will be provided by Chichi L’desma. Chichi is an experienced Latin percussionist who delights our cooking lessons with his Latin tunes and rhythms. 



Cost $95 per person.